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Supermicro Rack, Tower, Blade Servers, Disk Storage, Workstations.

Supermicro Rack, Tower, Blade Servers, Disk Storage, Workstations



Rack Servers

A comprehensive range of 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U Supermicro rackservers  in the WIO, Ultra, MP, UP families of products.

Supermicro Microcloud

Software-Defined Storage

A solid platform for building all types of software-defined-storage solutions including NAS, fiber channel, iSCSI SAN, object storage

Supermicro Microcloud

Appliance Servers

Appliance servers are designed as the foundation and optimized for application-specific workloads like VPN, UTM, Firewall, Security Gateway, IP PBX, IOT.

High Density Servers

From 1U and up to 4U systems with up to 8-nodes in 4U and up to 24 Nodes in 3U Supermicro Twin, TwinPro, Microcloud, FatTwin

Supermicro Microcloud


Ideally suited for hosting and cloud service providers Supermicro MicroCloud platforms provide unprecedentedly efficient  solution

Supermicro Microcloud

Tower Servers

Tower servers are used in branch offices and at other locations where it is not suitable or feasible to have rack infrastructure.  Tower servers are available in various configurations and when required may be converted for rack mounting.

Blade Servers

7U Superblade, 6U and 3U Microblade families of products offer the highest CPU sockets per 42U rack ratio

GPU Servers & Workstations

GPU servers provide extreme performance for compute-intensive applications used in oil & gas, bio-sciences, medical imaging etc.

Supermicro Microcloud

Graphic Workstations

Graphic workstations are used where the real power is required – be it architectural design, video editing, 3D modeling or scientific research.  From entry-level to ultra-high-end – solution for any requirement is available from Supermicro.


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Supermicro Rack, Tower, Blade Servers, Disk Storage, Workstations

About us

Incorporated in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates, Core Technologies is operating within the tax-free Sharjah Airport bonded warehousing area and also strategically located around 15-minute ride away from the Dubai International Airport.

We are a single vendor distributor.  Core Technologies is tightly focused on working closely with Supermicro, Inc. – the world’s leading manufacturer of Rack, Tower, Blade Servers, Disk Storage, Workstations products for such industries and verticals as public and private cloud, Big Data, high-performance computing (HPC), science, media, video surveillance, enterprise computing, education, healthcare and law enforcement.

Our key values are deep knowledge of products, profound understanding of modern technologies, accuracy of configuration, speed of response to customer’s inquiries and honest approach to what can be done and what can’t.

As an order fulfillment specialist without geographical boundaries, Core Technologies, is capable to supply Supermicro Rack, Tower, Blade Servers, Disk Storage, Workstations regardless of where our customers are located – on all six continents and 190 countries*

* As a supplier compliant with the US Trade administration regulations we are not able to supply goods of US origin to a number of countries currently on the denied parties list.

Supermicro Rack, Tower, Blade Servers, Disk Storage, Workstations in GCC and Globally

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