Supermicro 3U MicroCloud

8, 12 or 24 Single-Socket Nodes in 3U Chassis

Optimized for Hosting Environments

4 DIMMs per Node

Flexible Networking Choises

Redundant Power Supply

Supermicro MicroCloud® Server Family

Are you in hosting business? We have the last servers you would ever need to buy!

Built specifically for companies in hosting and datacenter business Microcloud™ is an innovative solution which allows you to run up to 24 single processor servers inside a 3U enclosure.

The benefits of this server solution are obvious:

  • Instead of 24 rack units taken by 24 x 1U servers you take only 3U. If you pay to the datacenter service provider by rack units this should instantly translate to thousands of dollars savings
  • Instead of at least 24 power cords required by 24 x 1U servers (if they have a single PSU, if the servers have redundant power then the number of power cords doubles ) you would need only 2 power cords and 2 power sockets on your PDU
  • Because each server module is equipped with IPMI (server management) port you dont need to invest in KVM and you may always have BIOS-level access to your servers from the comfort of your desk
  • Even though Microcloud itself gives you the miracle of compactness you may still add MicroLP expansion cards to the configurations and use extra bandwidth of the 1GB and 10GB Ethernet ports, Infiniband or better protect the data with hardware RAID controller.

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