Many entrepreneurs have caught on to one important fact – the internet is a great tool to promote a business. The mass popularity of the internet has allowed businesses of all kinds to get in touch with customers and spread the word of their brand. People can even start an online business, going completely virtual, without the need for an office. So what basics do beginner entrepreneurs need to know about growing a brand online?

Using the Cloud

You’ve probably come across a couple of different sources telling you to store your information on the cloud. Cloud storage is internet storage. This is great for mobile businesses who want information on the move, no matter where they are. If you have sensitive, or protected material, having an on-premise NAS or storage server might be a better choice. As a young entrepreneur though, the cloud might be a good storage solution to look at first.


Creating a Website

Your company website will serve as the main platform for your business. Use it for customer service. Allow consumers to contact you for questions or feedback that they want to express. A website can also be used to attract leads. Many people use Google to look up local businesses before they decide to buy from them.

Launching a website isn’t too difficult. You don’t need to be a professional web developer in order to create a website, and this kind of work is often outsourced. A successful website should have a seamless design, easy interface, and content that will inform visitors about your business. This can all be explained in a landing page, an about page, a portfolio page and a FAQ page. Be sure to keep it consistent on mobile platforms as well.


Promotion Through Social Media

Social media use has never been more popular than it is today. Brands are fully taking advantage of this fact by creating accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. However, it isn’t just a matter of setting up an account with your name on it. You will need to build an audience to successfully promote the brand. The best way to attract a large following is by creating interesting content and posting it on a regular basis.

Like your website, social media can be used to interact with customers and answer questions. Some small business will run the social media accounts themselves, but they can also opt to hire social media managers who specialize in this field. Be sure to match up your social content with what your customers will most connect with.


Learn SEO

One of the most popular ways of getting found on the internet is through SEO or search engine optimization. This works both for your website or social media. Search engine optimization is the use of important keywords to rank high in search engines. For instance, if you run a dog walking business in Colorado, people will be able to find you in a search engine if you incorporate “Dog Walkers in CO”. Knowing and using the right keywords can be tremendously helpful in getting found. There are many options for hiring out this service as well. A search engine optimization company will be able to craft useful keywords and work with you to move up in the search rankings.

New businesses need to know the basics behind a lot of modern internet knowledge and marketing. These easy tricks can keep you in the loop and up-to-date on a lot of modern business ideas.