The internet is made of tens of millions of servers all around the world. Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would take to bring down the world’s internet? According to AntBuilt Web Design, over 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, which makes that a scary thought. And yet it could happen in a flash if the wrong series of events unfolds. Here’s what you should know:

Database Center Attacks

Most of the powerful servers that offer web pages of major companies up to the masses are stored in data centers. These are heavily guarded against physical threats. However, if electricity goes down or an electronic disruption device is used, those servers will be offline in an instant. That means that Google, Facebook, and Apple combined could disappear from the internet.

Cutting the Cables

The internet runs through large fiber optic cables. These are in the ground, the sea, and running through pipes throughout major cities. According to to, it is these undersea fiber optic cables that are particularly crucial. The reality is that if one of these cables is cut, it could take out power of an entire area’s internet, causing businesses to sit helplessly and lose thousands in profit by the minute while internet providers scurry for a solution.

How to protect yourself from network infiltration

Network attacks happen on businesses and governments every day. According to Fortis School of Technology, that number is more than 20 million per day. When someone detects your network, they can try to hack into it using advanced tools. The problem is that you will never if they are trying to do this, unless you have network monitoring tools.

For instance, network visualization tools allow you to see attackers as they are trying to gain access in the moment. You can track their patterns of behavior. Then, when they try to infiltrate an area of your system that they should not have access to, you can identify their device and kick them off the network for good.

Understanding How and When to Respond to Blackouts

Blackouts happen all the time when storms brew. Unfortunately, all it would take is a major storm in a handful of metro cities if the internet was going to go down completely. Companies should have some kind of alert system in place. Additionally, they need to be sure to have a plan to execute in the event of such a blackout to prevent loss of contact.

When it comes to the internet, it has become something that people expect to have. It is like a road, electricity, or any other public utility. Therefore, the effects of it going down would be drastic. However, it could happen in the future. Make sure you are prepared for such an event so that you don’t get caught off guard no matter what.

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